About me ...
Hello!  I'm Liz Wilkinson, proud owner of Aubergines,etc.  For nearly a decade, Aubergines, etc has brought a touch of culinary Europe to New Jersey with cooking classes, cooking parties, home dinner deliveries and catering for small and mid-size gatherings.
I am a transplanted Brit and a fully paid-up Francophile!   I was born in the UK, then moved to France, where I lived for many years after graduating from university in England - it was hard to leave, and I seize any opportunity to return, eat and drink there!  My favorite region is the south where the terroir yields tastes that make my palate sing: olives, garlic, rosemary, capers, lavender, rosé wine, and ... of course ... aubergines!

My background and my passion ...
I am a linguist by training, but throughout my life, my passion has been to cook.  Largely self-taught, I had early help and inspiration from a little Provençal lady and an Italian chef in Orvieto, Italy! 
My parents were indefatigable and generous hosts when I was growing up.  Entertaining and making friends always happened at the dining table, sometimes in a restaurant, but most memorably, with home-cooked food and outstanding wines to accompany the bonhommie that was a trademark of many family weekends.  My father's collaboration with the late world-renowned food critic, Egon Ronay, and his involvement, years ago,  with the British Academy of Gastronomes, whose guest chefs have included the Roux brothers, all created an exciting world for the teenage foodie that I was!
It is my dream to own a home in France again one day, and welcome friends and guests to enjoy my hospitality, sample the local produce, and be spellbound as I am by the magical and restorative role of eating well, in good company, and mastering the art of creating this experience.  It's not that hard!
Meanwhile, I find great fulfillment living in the Garden State and take much pleasure in the thriving slow food movement here, as well as the exciting get-togethers arranged by local foodies.  I'm thrilled to be living in a state that produces its own wines, fresh produce, fabulous cheeses, organic meat, etc.  ... 
My mission, cooking for you ...
Eating food my mother cooked from scratch, every day, was a privilege I now fully appreciate as I enjoy excellent health, as do my parents, both at 86 years old, and my children!
Meanwhile, I bring this same passion for good eating and good living to my clients in the Princeton area.  I offer dinner deliveries Monday to Thursday, cook for small-scale and larger-scale parties, and am available for teaching young and old to cook, learn new techniques, or simply discover cuisines that I know well, or have recently discovered!

Aubergines, Etc.

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